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Engage Your Audience with Mixed Reality Experiences

Project Alice delivers a complete, multi-user, interactive, B2B VR platform with motion capture, physical props
and a large tracking dimension for creating high quality, immersive environments.

Join Us as we Conquer New Frontiers

Be one of the first pioneers of top tier VR experiences. Virtual Reality as a medium is growing rapidly. New innovations in medicine, industry, education, and entertainment are being made everyday. How is the average consumer going to be able to enjoy some of the great content that the community is making? Our vision is to make premium VR experiences available to more people.

Large Tracking Dimension

Let your audience tread the virtual space with plenty of room to engage and interact with the people and objects around them.

Multiple User Interaction

Multiple user capability lets you open your interactive experience to groups of people at a time.

Real-Time Object Interaction

Touch and interact with objects in the physical world within the virtual environment.

Hybridized Tracking

Our hybrid tracking system allows for superior tracking that eliminates occlusion.


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Project Alice VR Glove

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A Complete B2B VR Solution

Project Alice is the first multi-faceted B2B virtual reality platform offering clients in industries such as theme parks, real estate, automobile manufacturing and education a complete virtual solution that delivers complex immersive environments for learning, entertainment, corporate training, advertising and virtual showrooms.


Through our journey with Project Alice, we’ve created and partnered up with various studios to create different applications that range from fun astronomy education to adrenaline pumping sci-fi shooters. Follow us on social media to see what experiences we’re working on next. Also feel free to contact us if you are interested in getting your application published with Project Alice.

"In short, PROJECT ALICE was my best VR experience to date: high fidelity, low latency, tactile and FUN."
Kevin GeigerAnimation World Network
"The coolest demo was for Project Alice, which creates a simulated room in which several people can don headsets and interact with each other, even picking up real foam blocks and tossing to other participants."
Scott ArdSilicon Valley Business Journal
"Still obsessing over the #ProjectAliceVR MP shooter by @Noitomocap. The @MSIUSA #VR backpacks were so light, we forgot that they were on!"
Anly NiaGamer/Animator