Spec Sheet and Description

Project Alice is a hybrid system of tracking technologies used to create a Wireless, Multiplayer, Object Interactive, VR experience. We mix optical tracking solutions with inertial measurement units to enable a superior and cost effective method of tracking real world objects. Our system is wireless and allows the user freedom of movement. Depending on the type of content you want to showcase you can have up to 6 or more people within the same experience. The software included in Project Alice will also allow you to bring in real world objects to your VR experience.

Hybrid Data Server

Our Hybrid Data Server software (HDS) is at the core of our system. This is what is used to bring together all the technologies. HDS has an indicator to show you the connection status of the optical tracking. It also has an indicator to show you the connection status of the Inertial Measurement Units (IMU). It manages the Head Mounted Displays (HMDs), the Props, and Controllers. It also gives you the capability to remotely manage and monitor your wireless backpacks.

Alice Tools

Using Alice Tools you will be able to bring in real world objects into your apps. We provide you with a set of premade markers to start out with. Alice Tools will create the files you need to calibrate your real world objects.

Hybrid Data Server Rack

Starting from the inside out, we’ve built the server with everything you’ll need to host your VR experience. We build the computers with the latest Nvidia graphics card and dual SSDs that are ready to handle any VR content on the market. The case also houses a PoE+ Managed Switch to plug up to 12 Cameras. It also includes a Power Distribution panel that will readily power up the computer, switch, and other accessories that come included with a Project Alice system such as your monitors and router.

The server rack is encased in a heavy duty rack with wheels and extendible handle. It includes all the software needed to setup hybridized tracking, and the Alice Intro Lite Demo. SDKs for Unity and Unreal are included in the developer package.


Our wireless backpacks will give you the ability to walk around freely. They are lightweight and easily adjust to different body sizes. Each Backpack comes with 4 sets of batteries, 3 charging cradles, and all the software you need to get started with your VR experience.

VR Headsets

We use the latest headset in the industry. It comes with built in headphones and a lightweight comfortable design. It’s straps are adjustable and fit a wide range of users.

Resolution 1080 x 1200 per eye at 90Hz, 110° FOV, Built in Headphones, and Built in Mic.

IMU Sensor Kit

Using our IMU Sensor Kit you will be able to prevent common occlusion issues that arise with a purely optical system. It comes with 2 sets of 20 so that you can use one set while the other is charging.

Rigid Bodies

We provide you with 23 Rigid Bodies (labeled A through W) along with their reflective markers. Each Rigid Body is unique and easily applicable to real world objects. The non-congruent shapes make them easily identifiable.

VR17 Cameras

Project Alice uses IR cameras for the optical tracking. The cameras have a 70 degree angle FOV and edge to edge coverage. It’s high frame rate and resolution allow for excellent capture even at high speeds.

Resolution 1.7 MP, 360 FPS, 70° Horizontal FOV, Latency 2.8 ms.

Prop and Controllers

Included in a Project Alice system will be a set of controllers and a prop. Also included will be the Alice Intro Demo that will allow you to test how to integrate controllers and props using the Hybrid Data Server and Alice Tools software.


One of our own team members will personally assist you with the installation of your Project Alice system. We include your choice of either exhibitor training or developer training. Should you go with the developer training, your PA system will also come with a Unity and Unreal SDK. This will allow your developers to easily create and integrate their own game into the Project Alice system.